AUGUST 4 - 6, 2023

Motor world, half-timbered art, beer tradition: You are invited to spend a weekend in the beautiful town of Einbeck from August 4 to 6, 2023. A whole weekend to relax and discover the surrounding area of the historic beer and pretty half-timbered town.

The PS.SPEICHER also offers a wide range of historic exhibits. Spread across the city in five locations, the PS.SPEICHER depots are home to the largest collection of classic cars in Europe, covering a total area of 22 square kilometers.

At the venue, the fairground "An der Twetge", a varied program awaits you. Of course, there will also be food and drink - alternatively, you can bring your own food.


From 2 p.m. the gates are open, and then it is: Exchange registration confirmation for a sticker, have your first car talks, have a snack and spend a fantastic time together.


Whether touristy, with or without a coffee break or rather sporty: On one of a total of 18 guided tours you can get to know the region in southern Lower Saxony. In addition to the tours, there is also time to experience Einbeck´s half-timbered architecture on a guided tour of the city. If that seems too dry for you, you can also immerse yourself in the beer tradition during a brewhouse tour of the Einbeck brewery or visit the experience exhibition in the PS.SPEICHER. In the evening we will have dinner together. Finally, we will end the day with live music.


Until 2 pm you can participate and browse at the trunk (parts) flea market. Finally, the award ceremony from the "Show and Shine-Contest" will take place.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us by E-Mail or on our Facebook-Page.


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As organizer we have domiciliary rights. Barbecues and camping are not allowed. Please take your garbage with you. The cost allocation is only refundable in case of force majeure. Participation in the meeting is at your own risk. Behave as you would expect from your fellow men.

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Glad you were in Einbeck, and if not - 137 MX-5s is the number to crack for 2023.


A whole weekend time to let the soul dangle and the historical beer and half-timbered town to discover.

Of course, the PS.SPEICHER also offers a wide range of historical exhibits, which are distributed throughout the city at five locations, the PS.SPEICHER depots, and are home to the largest collection of classic cars in Europe, covering a total area of 22 square kilometers.

Relax with a walk along the historic ramparts; they are part of the medieval city wall and extend over two kilometers around the historic old town. Your path should then lead you along Tiedexer Straße, which is one of the longest continuous half-timbered ensembles in Germany, directly to the market square.

You can find more information and tourist destinations on the website.

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