With the expanded partnership and the provision of the PS.SPEICHER area as the main area, the area around the multifunctional hall on Kohnserweg - i.e. the fairground where the meeting used to take place - will become the Camp & Partyground. As a camper, you will not only find toilet facilities here, but also your own showers.

When registering for the meeting, you can choose whether you would like to camp, for example, or which area you would like to be a guest in with your MX-5. You can switch between the two areas on foot at any time.


Einbeck attracts many weekend holidaymakers, so it is advisable to book accommodation early. Please note that rooms are usually only available several months in advance via booking portals.


Please note that rooms are usually only available a few months in advance via booking portals such as At Einbeck Tourismus you will find a list of hotels, guesthouses and holiday flats.


It is possible to camp independently with a tent on the fairground. The ground is a compacted gravelled area, which is why a tarpaulin and pegs are required. Camping directly behind your MX-5 costs 15 euros per vehicle for all three days.

Eat & Drink

Of course you are welcome to provide for yourself, but we ask that you take your own rubbish away with you. We offer food and drinks at fair prices throughout the area. The sale of drinks on the festival site is organised by young people and young adults, with all profits going directly to youth work. On Saturday and Sunday, our partner, "Einbecker Brodhaus", invites you to a rich breakfast buffet on the festival site. It is intended for everyone who would like to have breakfast together in a large group. The price is 13 euros per person per day.


On Friday evening, there is the opportunity to take part in a unique tour of the old town followed by a beer tasting. Guided tours of the city centre will also be offered on Saturday. From May, discounted tickets for the PS.SPEICHER and the PS.DEPOTS will be available through us.

We also offer tickets for a brewhouse tour at the Einbeck brewery. During a guided tour, you can learn about the art of blue printing and find out where the phrase "making blue" comes from.


From May, you can register for a guided tour via our booking and reservation system, subject to availability. We offer up to 20 tours in total, from which you can choose one of six different routes with or without stops.

If you prefer to travel individually, we also offer two pre-planned tours without a scout accompanying you.


For the first time, a charity fun rally will take place as part of the meeting. The start is planned for Saturday, 6 July 2024, at 10 am. There are a total of 60 starting places available. The route leads through the Einbeck area and includes various tasks along the way. Participation takes around five hours and the entry fee is 12 euros.

The surplus from the entry fee will be donated to the "Einbeck Natürlich" association to support their aims of promoting orchards, green strips, gardens and plant diversity.


You may have seen photos from the first year, when we drove to the festival site together with over 130 vehicles. In 2024, we would like to turn the whole thing around and hold a photo session where it all began in 2022.

Parts flea market

You are cordially invited to sell MX-5-related products in person on all three days. We will set up a sales pinboard where you can enter your offers and leave information on location and contact details.

Show & Shine

The awards ceremony on Saturday evening promises to be an eagerly awaited event, where the shining winners in the NA, NB, NC, ND and RF categories will be presented.

But that's not all: the most unique "rat" or the MX-5 with the most impressive mileage will also be duly honoured. And the best thing is that you have the opportunity to personally vote for your favourite via our app and thus have a decisive influence on the winner.

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