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Use the form below to complete your initial registration for the meeting in Einbeck. The participant fee must be paid within six working days of submitting your registration via PayPal or bank transfer. The fee covers access to the meeting and its supporting programme, as well as the options selected during registration.

Rules & hints

Starting in April 2024, certain activities will require individual registration through our booking and reservation system. These activities encompass tickets for breakfast, excursions, tourist experiences like city tours, and the brewery's brewhouse tour. Additionally, we provide reduced-price tickets for the PS.SPEICHER and PS.DEPOTS. Please be aware that these activities have limited availability and are not guaranteed. We operate on a "first come, first served" basis. You'll receive an email notification once these activities become bookable.

As event organizers, we retain the right of admission. Please refrain from open fires on the event premises and kindly take your waste with you for proper disposal. Absolute quiet time starts at midnight on the camp and party grounds. Photography and/or filming will occur for potential use in print or online materials. Participation in activities is at your own risk. Permission to drive on the Event-Area at walking speed is solely limited to accessing your parking slot. Treat all participants with the same respect you would expect for yourself. Participation fees are only refundable in cases of unforeseen circumstances.

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